Welcome to the online home of John W. Golden Art
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Welcome to the new home of John W. Golden Art!

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Tarpon Illustration form John W. Golden's Saltwater Fish Series

Tarpon, John W. Golden, 2016

After 10 years of selling my artwork online, in various outlets, I am revamping the John W. Golden Art online presence and setting up digs in a new spot, right here, that will allow me to consolidate my blog and my store with johnwgolden.com. I will be able to offer more items of home decor and housewares, so that's exciting!

Big stuff is on the horizon! I just finished a 6 month stretch of making pieces for Target retail locations in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Portland and San Francisco areas, opportunity that will put my work on a larger stage in front of a lot of new customers. I made over 3000 pieces during that time (including my regular orders), which is about 3 times as many pieces as I make in an average year. Talk about "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"! When you go from 80-100 pieces needing to be made in a month to 500+, going back to 80-100 seems like a breeze. We shall see :)

As soon as I can share more about this new wrinkle, I will. Until then, or the next blog post, take a look around the new shop! Thanks for your support!

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