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FAQs about John W. Golden Art

What's the difference between a poster and an art print?

John W. Golden's Art Prints are printed by John himself, in his studio. He inspects the quality of each print and signs and dates the ones that make the cut.

John's posters and canvases are produced by a printing partner that he has chosen for their ability to reproduce high quality versions of his work that also make the cut, but are not signed by John. Doing this makes it possible to offer a more affordable framed or mounted canvas piece.

What's an Art Block? For that matter, What's an Art Box?

An art block is a finished, ready-to-hang piece of wall decor that John W. Golden makes by cutting prime 3/4" birch plywood so that it will match the size of an archival print that he has printed in his studio. He then mounts the print to the front surface of the birch block by hand, trims off the extra print and through a few more steps of hand-crafted magic, makes a piece of art that looks like an image printed on wood. He then puts a clear coat of matte sealer (always water-based and non-toxic, yo) over the print, leaving some beautiful brush stokes in the surface for a pure handmade feel.

An art box is similar, in that the process is the same, but John uses a birch box (made here in America) for a piece that is lighter (good for larger pieces) and sticks out further from the wall.

How can I tell if a listing on this site is for one of John W. Golden's handmade pieces?

This handy little icon John W. Golden's Handmade Art Icon is included in the listing for every piece that John makes by hand here in the studio.

I saw a John W. Golden item online that I don't see for sale here? Can you sell me one?

There are a number of companies that have contracted to use John's artwork on their products. John is not involved in the production of those pieces other than providing the electronic file and we are not able to stock those pieces or produce a matching product.

How long does it take to get one of John W. Golden's handmade pieces?

John makes every piece that is designated on this site as handmade especially for the customer who orders it. Prints on paper generally leave the studio within 1-3 business days, and handmade art blocks and art boxes usually leave within 3-5 business days. John tries to take a weekend now and then, and tries to keep business days M-F. That hardly ever happens, but for the sake of setting realistic expectations of when you will receive your order, Saturday and Sunday are not counted as business days.

How long does it take to get the pieces John's printing partners make?

Most of the printing partners have agreed to ship in 2-8 days and do their best to meet that turnaround.